Meet Scotty Fields (born Scott Gregory Fields), a charismatic young chap who most of the time finds himself laughing at his own jokes.

In his early years, Scott wasn’t one of those academic types; in fact, he was the polar opposite. With learning difficulties that spawned from A.D.D., Scotty soon turned to being the class clown.  As entertaining as it was for all the other kids, Scotty’s grades went from bad to worse.  It was at that point Scotty’s parents decided to enroll him in the school’s extra-curricular music program, and he never looked back.

Once Scotty (alongside best mate Jason) graduated from Somerset College in 1999 (which they both will admit was a shock in itself), he was granted a scholarship to the Conservatorium of Music in Brisbane, Australia.  Learning from some of the best vocal coaches the country Scotty-Fields-2has to offer gave Scotty the skills that have put him where he is today.

Later, Scotty landed a role with the world class touring sensation ‘The Ten Tenors’, which had him touring the globe in no time. It was there he formed a tight bromance with three fellas in particular: Jase, Liam and Craig which unbeknownst to them at the time, would later form ARIA (Aussies Reunited in America).

Always the larrikin, Scotty often jokes that even though the other three boys are great and talented, he is repeatedly winding up with extremely sore shoulders, which his chiropractor attributes to the fact he is continually carrying the other three during a performance.

One thing is for certain: Scott isn’t going to bore you senseless by listing all of his career accolades; not because they are limited (as the other boys will jokingly try and tell you), but because he prefers to let the music do the talking.

Another thing is for certain: Scotty is forever taking photos and recording video blogs, so it was a no brainer putting him in charge of ARIA’s social media.

Keeping Scotty somewhat grounded and in check is his partner Ameka. Being a singer herself, she fully understands the sacrifice this business entails, Scotty Fieldswhich is a big comfort for Scott as they take on this journey together.

Scotty is unbelievably pumped to be hitting the road with his old mates once again and he is excited to see the success that the coming years will bring and he can’t wait to share ARIA’s music with you all!