Liam McLachlan

Liam’s story begins as many others began, at the beginning.  Although he was eight weeks premature, certain parts of him were fully grown, not least of which was his lungs.  Nurses famously wore ear plugs, and reinforcements had to me made on his humidi-crib, so as to not cause irreparable damage to either.  He quickly learned to harness this raw power, but much like the One Ring, it was seemingly lost for many years until discovered in his final year of High School when he auditioned for the school musical.

As the school that he attended was an all-boys school, much like as in early Shakespearian productions,

Liam McLachlan

many roles traditionally filled by girls were performed by gents.  In this case, for Liam, it was the role of the Narrator in Joseph and the “Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat”.

This was his first taste of the stage and the success that came along with it.  He carried his passion and enjoyment of this experience to study voice at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music.  His initial undergraduate year was cut short as he was selected to join a touring production of Roger’s and Hammerstein’s “South Pacific”.  He continued his studies in opera for another few years then moved to study a Bachelor of Musical Theatre in Mackay, Queensland.

As is the fashion with performers, they’ll do whatever they can to make a buck.  Liam spent the next few years in Sydney singing and acting in everything from TV commercials to feature films, not least of which was again in “South Pacific” where he got to meet and spend some quality time with one of his greatest musical Idols – Harry Connick Jr.  They spoke of many things, fools and kings, over land and sea.

Post his time in Sydney, he travelled the world, getting into adventures.  Driving across the United States in a VW Bus and hiking over the Swiss Alps, he was exposed to any number of musical styles and cultures.  This broadened his interest in gaining knowledge in general, which led to his then and current status as king of Pub Trivia competitions the world over.

Having sworn off opera years earlier, no one was as surprised as Liam to find that he was cast in a production of Sondheim’s “Sweeny Todd” with the Queensland Opera Company.  Liam McLachlanThis led to his regaining his love of Opera and joy of singing.  His voice grew immensely in a short space of time and Liam expanded his repertoire quickly, learning various roles and becoming more settled in his vocal style.

While singing with Queensland Opera, he got a call from a few of his old college friends inviting him to come and sing with The Ten Tenors, an Australian vocal group.  He spent the next 5 years travelling the world, getting into further adventures and sampling the local brews and companionship.  From Abbey Road to the Sydney Opera House and seriously everything in between, around and above them, Liam sang his little heart out in all of them.

After leaving the Tenors, Liam upped stumps (for the non-cricketing readers out there, this means moved) to Los Angeles.  Swimming pools, movie stars, and lead roles in operas including Tosca and Faust, to name but a few.

Liam has always sought a life of adventure, and has found it once again in ARIA.  With their powers combined, they form a unique blend that, like a fine Scottish whiskey, aged in a barrel, just keeps getting better.